This second annual reception for MSUE retirees was co-sponsored by ESP and the MSUE administration and held at the Kellogg Center prior to the All-University Retiree Luncheon. It drew a large crowd of retirees, some just entering retirement and others with long tenures in that status. For instance, Pat Ralston, former MSUE Director was present along with Gordon Guyer, our very own come and go retiree! Old timers such as Pat LaFlame, and John Worthington were there, along with a whole new batch of people just now starting their retirement period. Maggie Bethel, MSUE Director and Ann Hinsdale-Knisel, ESP President greeted the group, recognized new retirees and ESP life members and encouraged continuing interaction with MSUE. This event is an annual occasion to meet old friends and colleagues….think about coming next year! And if you would like to become involved in planning future retiree activities, contact Jake Wamhoff, current Life Member Chair of ESP.

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Bethel, Linda, Peggy and Eugene

Bill Bortel and Pat Laflame

Nancy Thelen and Glen Kole’s doughter

Jerry Cash and Dick Chase

Gordon, Ann and Jeff

Joanne and Irene

Kathy and Jodi

Matchetts with Jim Artabasy

Sandy, Cheri and Judy

Standing in the doorway

Under the windows

Along the wall

Back corner

Back of the room